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Hoist & Access Services

“Our previous system was nowhere near efficient enough and we found it hard to track the history.”

Angela Griffin, Office Manager, Hoist & Access Services


Hoist & Access Services was formed in Scotland in 1996, the company specialises in hiring and selling of all types of hoisting appliances including construction hoist equipment, rubbish chutes and safety equipment, they have an extensive knowledge of the hoist market. They are a dedicated team running 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. HAS are passionate about their business and want the best hiring solutions available to support this.


HAS were previously using a paper-based system which was inefficient and poor at finding historical data, it was therefore wasting the teams time and prolonged admin work. The once paper-based system was unreliable as it had no back-up structure and was a tricky and an unpredictable way of storing and finding information for themselves and for their customers. Hoist & Access Services needed a dependable and streamlined system so they knew their information was safe.


After searching for a new hire management solution, Hoist & Access Services discovered that inspHire could resolve all of their processing needs and more! It was a great fit for them, inspHire met all their requirements, specific needs as well as provided a straightforward interface that was easy to use and navigate.

inspHire has made a huge impact on HAS’s business, freeing up staff time so they can deal with more important issues which has led to them developing a more professional persona, HAS are extremely happy with the inspHire software and the service they receive including the training and implementation.