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Mayday Plant Hire

"Our hire staff have found all aspects of hire administration quick and simple and for more advanced users the rewards are great."

Derek Blow, Managing Director, Mayday Plant Hire


Mayday Plant Hire was established in 1977 with it’s planned objective, to provide top quality equipment and service at a competitive rate. Based in Thornton Heath, Surrey, Mayday offer customers equipment hire in the home counties and nationally, through various trade associations and the ‘hire network’.

The Issue

Mayday’s existing system involved operating a manual paperwork method and then, when convenient, entering information onto the computer.  Consequently, the software was of little use as a means of tracking their assets. The system had suffered from a complete lack of investment in R&D and as a result could not grow with the Mayday business nor meet the increasing need for a 'front office-live' system.

"Administering the system became a full time occupation for one of our staff members whose skill and expertise we felt could be much better utilised were we to invest in a comprehensive 'front office' system"

Mayday began their search for a replacement rental management package and had many requirements that the solution needed to fulfill. As Mayday’s hire staff were not used to working with computers they wanted something that could be picked up quickly and easily, so the software needed to be simple in its functionality. They wanted the assurance of good back up, and reassurance that problems would be addressed and dealt with at the earliest opportunity. In addition, Mayday required access to live information including the whereabouts of their equipment. Beyond these specifics they required a package that would streamline their business generally, providing better and more accurate information to the hire staff, customers and accountants.

The Solution

Mayday selected inspHire Office Edition.

"Simply stated, inspHire does all that I need it to do. Our hire staff have found all aspects of hire administration quick and simple and for more advanced users the rewards are great. The simplicity of accessing information and the advantage of being able to process a hire, off-hire or sale from any number of starting positions is excellent. We make use of a great deal of inspHire’s functionality, we already use the workshop module and will continue to 'bolt' on extras such as the purchase and e-business modules as our business continues to develop. When faced with the daunting task of structuring a piece of software to meet the needs of your business you cannot have enough input from your supplier.

It has been my experience that experience is the great teacher. The training prepares you for general hire, sales and admin, however the first mistake on the first day is when you truly start to learn. It is when you discover, with experience, that there are very few errors that can be made that are not easily fixed, that you can start to relax and reap the benefits."

Derek Blow, Director, May Day Plant