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Running efficiently is good for you and your customers

Running efficiently is key to any organisation and even more so with a busy rental company. inspHire makes life that bit easier by providing equipment rental software that works with you and helps your rental business maintain its competitive edge.

Simple Contract Entry

Having a simple single point of entry for creating quotes and then easily converting them to bookings is standard within inspHire.  Picking lists are also automatically created and invoices simply and easily generated. At the same time, inspHire is gathering important critical data allowing you to analyse your business through Dashboards and reports without any additional effort.

Day Book/Operations Diary

Knowing what is happening at your depot as well as your other locations is critical and with screens like the Daybook screen and Operations screens you can see at a glance what still needs doing today and what you need to prepare for tomorrow.

Damage & Loss control

It’s great to be busy, and to ensure you keep on top of the difficult parts of the business inspHire provides Damage and Loss management features. When items are damaged or not returned we ensure the process is handled with care and attention so as to keep the customer informed but more importantly that you get paid for those damages and losses.

Email invoices

inspHire creates your invoices automatically and emails them to your clients improving speed of delivery which in itself improves the cash flow process, whilst also saving on printing, envelope stuffing and posting too.