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Helping you run your business smoothly

Operations is at the heart of your business and its at the heart of inspHire Rental software too. Having the tools at your fingertips to prevent overbooking of equipment and resource, and essential information displayed in simple to read screens is only the start. We have a wealth of features to help you to take control.

Smart Views

Smart views are smart because you create them to show the information you want to see, if it is important to your business then create a view with alerts that will show you that information. Whether it’s tracking outstanding quotes, overdue cash rental returns or items in the workshop, you decide what you want to see and what you want to be reminded about.

Day Book/Operations Diary

Knowing what is happening in your depot as well as your other locations is critical and with screens like the Daybook and operations screens you can see at a glance what still needs doing today and what you need to prepare for tomorrow.

Availability / Item Booking / Stock Planner

Knowing when your equipment levels are running low, in advance of taking any order, is just part of the background routines that inspHire keeps an eye on for you. inspHire lets you know well in advance that you need to get more equipment; whether it’s through Re-Rent, offering an alternative or purchasing additional equipment,  you won’t let your customers down.

Stock View

inspHire Stock Views give you a snap shot of all your equipment, where it is, and its status meaning you can plan with ease. If you have low or no availability you can instantly see what is in service, repair or awaiting collection so you can prioritise your work to satisfy your customer’s needs.