Current RMS

Managing your entire rental business online, from any device, anywhere.

One centralized solution, built entirely in the cloud for the AV, Production and Events sector. Managing all inventory, labor and transportation from any device, giving businesses the freedom to react quickly to client requests, from anywhere in the world.

Inventory Availability & Planning

A vital part of managing your rental business is the ability to see the status of your equipment, including what is available for rent, whether the right items are going out the door and when they are due to be returned. With the Availability Planner in Current, you can effortlessly forward plan and maximize asset utilization at the click of a button, allowing you to react quickly to customer requests from any location.

  • Drill down into individual items to resolve product shortages
  • Use the intuitive Job Planner to see all quotes and orders
  • Speed up picking and prep time by generating barcode labels
  • View all stock levels to effortlessly forward plan
  • Easily transfer and search across multiple stores
  • Free Scan asset numbers or barcodes to add new products onto a job

Flexible Quotes & Orders

Creating and amending quotes within Current is quick and easy. Use the Product Picker to quickly add gear onto jobs, then easily apply discounts, adjust prices, or change quantities all from the quote screen. It’s really flexible and designed to adapt to your workflow; whether that’s a simple rental for a repeat customer, or a larger order that requires additional resources such as labor, the system scales up with you.

  • Easily create quotes with drag and drop functionality
  • Instantly see product shortages on orders, with line items highlighted in red
  • Part or fully invoice a job, and post directly to QuickBooks Online or Xero
  • Log any costs for a job to view projected profitability
  • Set up discount categories to provide automatic discounts for certain customers
  • View the status of all orders and quotes in the Job Planner

Manage all Labor, Transportation & Venues

As well as the rental and sale of products, Current also manages all the services that go with these jobs, including your labor, transportation, venues and rooms. The intuitive Resource Planner within Current, allows you to allocate these services onto jobs, with simple drag and drop functionality.

  • Flexible service charging by hours, days or distance
  • Create periods of unavailability for resources
  • Get an iCal feed for all resource bookings, updating people on their jobs
  • Use Stores to determine the locations of resources
  • Scan the Resource Planner for available labor, transportation and venues

Quick Search Across All Products

Easily view and search for any type of item, or group of products in the enticing product catalog. Presented with key, relevant inventory information such as; quantity available to rent and sell, items that need repairing or replacing, and your most popular products.

  • See activities and full history for individual items
  • Add optional or mandatory accessories to create kits and packages
  • Quickly search for products via asset numbers, descriptions or tags
  • Powerful rental charging, including; Daily, Weekly or Fixed Rate engines
  • Manage damaged items, lost products and sub-rents, returning all the right gear

Customer Relationship Management

Keeping on top of key client relationships and colleague interactions is made easy with a CRM package specifically designed for rental. Access key customer information and create follow up activities, helping maintain strong relationships with all clients, freelancers and users in one centralized place.

  • See full client history for all jobs and orders
  • Upload key attachments against contacts and organizations
  • Create custom fields and views, helping you analyze and export the data you need
  • Use Discussions to streamline all internal and external communication
  • Export lists to Mailchimp ready to market to clients and prospects

QuickBooks Online & Xero Integration

Current RMS offers seamless integration with QuickBooks Online and Xero, two popular cloud accounting packages in the industry, helping further streamline the rental cycle from start to finish.

Key Integration Features

  • Instantly post credit notes and invoices directly to QB Online and Xero
  • Sync contacts and organizations within Current to QB Online and Xero
  • Reduce administrative back office burdens

For more information on these two integrations, click on the below

Xero Integration QB Online Integration

Create Beautifully Customized Documents

First impressions are key, and with beautifully customized documents that represent your business, you’ll certainly create a positive one. Current offers a range of layouts for every stage of the rental cycle, whether that be an estimate, quote or invoice. Choose the layouts that are right for your business, or have these customized to your liking.

  • Wide range of documents available from quotes and rental agreements to barcode labels
  • Easily add your branding, logos and contact information to all documents
  • Break down totals by item, group or opportunity, you choose how much or how little information to show
  • Highlight discounts and include appealing product images
  • Send quotes out online, ready for client approval
  • Take advantage of our free document layout customization service

Working in the Cloud

In an industry that's ever evolving, where customer needs frequently change and people are always on the move, it makes sense to use a solution that efficiently deals with any last minute order changes, from anywhere in the world.

By moving your processes into the cloud, you will have instant access to all of your key rental data, from any device and location. Check inventory availability and forward plan, generate quotes, and amend any last minute order changes, all while on the move.

  • Setup is instant and updates are automatic
  • No servers to maintain or updates to download
  • Unlimited access from everywhere
Working in the Cloud

Customers using Current RMS

The Current RMS Package

Get you and your team set up and running right away with little or no training required.
Current offers an easy import and export data process, helpful guides, as well as
a friendly team behind the product, helping you every step of the way.

Unlimited support, training & customizable document layouts

Automatic free updates, data backups & secure data protection

Zero setup costs &
affordable monthly fee

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