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Coronavirus (COVID-19) Statement

Mar 11, 2020

Dear KCS Customer,

I wanted to write to you to let you know that we are taking steps to protect the support services you receive from KCS in light of the potential impacts of Coronavirus.

At KCS we already have in place DR (Disaster Recovery) policies and procedures. Over the years these procedures have from time to time been instigated due to events such as extreme weather impacts and power outages, fuel shortages etc.

We are currently testing to ensure that these DR policies and procedures, as a matter of good practice are robust and to also consider the impact of them being implemented for potentially longer periods of time.

Our DR policies and procedures extend to staff working from home should isolation be required.

The call logging systems, product testing, replication and R&D systems can be managed remotely. Customers enjoying our Cloud services are also managed remotely.

Our support services are now diversified across our global business in multiple offices which helps to ensure that resources are more resilient in different geographies.

We endeavour to offer a normal service going forward and continue to plan for multiple scenarios to try ensure that normal service continues despite multiple potential outcomes of Coronavirus. We are here to help you and your business through these challenging times. If you have any specific needs please do contact your Account Manager.

Chris Owen Chief Support Officer
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