Facelift uses inspHire


A Bit About Facelift

Facelift is one of the largest privately-owned access hire companies in the UK, supplying equipment to both businesses and individuals. Established in 1985, Facelift offer some of the most up to date and largest range of equipment available in the marketplace, ensuring that they can provide the right piece of equipment, at the right price. Facelift machines are used by a great many professions, including; architects, surveyors, tree surgeons, glaziers, lighting engineers, film units, window cleaners, TV cable companies, home decorators, bridge inspection units, and, a growing number of small builders. The Facelift fleet now consists of over 350 machines, with operated truck mounts up to 62 metres, self drive up to 30 metres, trailer mounted and narrow access to 29 metres. Facelift also operate the largest under bridge fleet in the UK.

Facelift uses inspHire

Looking back over the last 5 years, it would have been impossible to sustain the growth we experienced without that initial investment, and all the subsequent development work that has gone on since. We now enjoy a close working relationship with our Project Manager, and we are fully committed to taking inspHire on to even better levels of performance.

Richard Marchant, Financial Director, Facelift

The Issue

Facelift encountered problems as soon as they went to multi-depot structure, and the hire fleet size exceeded 100 units. Their logistical controls became stretched, and the manual paper based systems were leading to significant time delays in the production of hire documents and invoices. These working methods were affecting not only profitability, but cash flow as well.

The Solution

Facelift drew up criteria for a replacement rental management system, which included:

  • Easy integration into their  Sage accounting system
  • Compatibility with/ or replacement of their aging Telemagic customer database software
  • Ability to keep track of all assets, showing availability across the depots, and off hire dates
  • Stable enough to run a real time system, over multiple depots
  • Seamless production of hire documents and chargeable invoices, with a reduction in manual input and duplication of effort

In addition to functionality, Facelift were also looking for specific qualities from their software provider, including:

  • An understanding of the rental industry
  • The ability to deliver a solution which could be expanded as the company grew
  • Assurance that the company would be around long enough to see the project through  inspHire’s Corporate Edition, met these criteria, and being based on the Microsoft SQL database, would be expandable into the future.

In the first month of the system going live, inspHire reduced the Invoice production cycle by almost two weeks! The resulting cash inflow covered the initial investment in the software.