Hire Fitness uses inspHire

Hire Fitness

A Bit About Hire Fitness

Hire Fitness is Europe's leading brand in home fitness equipment hire. They specialise in treadmill hire, elliptical cross trainer hire, exercise bike hire, vibrations plate hire and rowing machine hire. Hire Fitness deliver and install the equipment to the customer's home with a minimum hire period of just 4 weeks through one of their local franchises that are springing up all over the country. All their equipment is top quality and fully computerized and only differs from that found in the gym in that they are lighter in construction to make them portable specifically for home use. Equipment is delivered and installed to customers homes and basic instructions given how to use and maintain the equipment safely. Hire Fitness is now a franchise operation and will have nine franchised offices across the UK by early 2009.  

Hire Fitness uses inspHire

inspHire was the ideal fix, it ticked all our boxes and we are very pleased with the stability and reliability of the product.

Paul Healey, Managing Director, Hire Fitness

The Issue

Hire Fitness used spreadsheets to track their equipment - they tried various hire packages but because their business is unique, Hire Fitness required a customisable solution that could handle, including other things, many different rate types.

In spite of unsuccessful attempts to make other hire packages work for them Hire Fitness still looked for a solution that could offer them reliability, support, could handle deposits and one that could be tailored to its specific requirements.

The Solution