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The Future of Hire Software

Aug 22, 2014

The world today is driven by technology, and the question on most people’s minds is “What’s next?” Innovative technology revolutionises the way companies do business; it has been a phenomenon. Since starting in 1997 inspHire have implemented over 1200 systems and since then technology has change dramatically. It is important that inspHire stay up to date with new technology and strive to be ahead of it, continuing to innovate and bring new products to market that will help hire companies increase efficiency, giving them the tools needed to keep their competitive edge in today’s marketplace. Graham Dobbs, Managing Director at inspHire tells as what features he predicts we will see in hire software and how this will effect hirers in the future.

How do you think hirers use of IT will change in the future?

The world is looking more and more towards mobile solutions and being able to transact 24/7 will become the norm. Hirers want the ease of being able to order from the comfort of their own home in their own time. Hirers like to be kept informed and be able to communicate with the hire company and choose their preferred method so email, text or phone. Customer Service has always been important but even more so now with heightened awareness of choice. Hirers will also look towards recommendations from independent sources such as Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, twitter and other review methods will play a big part.

What future technologies do you see emerging in hire software in the future?

Web Portals for customers will be more prevalent, hire companies providing the ability to do more on line will encourage people to use them more. Mobile Apps for hirers will be more in demand and drive how hire customers do business and will dictate where they shop. Apps can be used to check the service history and show certification of equipment they have on hire as well as getting user manuals and user instructions just by scanning a Q code or bar code

What benefits will this have for hirers?

Hirers will have access to more services out of hours or without having to call a company, they will receive better customer service through self-service. Having information at their fingertips will encourage them to use more of the services on offer from the hire company. Hirers will be able to hire with confidence and carry out business with transparency and so building trust.

What threats does this pend on hire software?

No threats just challenges, it is good to be innovative and great that our customers drive the software features, we just need to make sure that the new features are useful and designed with the users in mind. ‘Keeping it simple is key’

How do you think these factors might affect hire software?

Hire software will become more agile being able to be used on many different devices, integration to customer’s own web site and other 3rd party software will become mainstream. Cloud computing is becoming more mainstream and should be considered as a companywide strategy moving forward.

What are inspHire doing to ensure they continue to be leaders of innovation in hire software?

InspHire already offer Cloud Hybrid solutions as well as mobile applications and customer web portals and have done so for some time, we are seeing companies taking more of an interest and adding to the already expanding list of features and functionality.

We also have a totally pure, cloud based solution, already in use in some rental businesses, these businesses can use the application free of any windows licences and the costs of windows server software and hardware. The solution is hosted in a safe secure environment with full back ups and managed hardware. Customers can access their software from a web portal and need no special applications installing to use it. These clients can use it on a tablet both Android and iPad as well as any PC with a web browser. On top of this the software is simple and intuitive to use and set up, current clients have not required more than a day’s training. If that wasn’t enough the customers can rent additional users for a month at a time in busy periods as well as reducing the licence count in quieter times. Paying monthly lowers the cost of ownership even further with no upfront licence costs or hardware costs.

Although there is still a great need and future for on premise software of which inspHire offer one of the leading solutions, inspHire now offers a choice for those who prefer on line applications in the cloud.

If you would like any further information on any of our products then please do not hesitate to get in touch.

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