Privacy Statement

On the 25th of May 2012 the EU Cookie Law was updated, notifying website owners that they must inform all visitors to the website, about any non-existent cookies that may be employed.

inspHire’s website, like most websites, use cookies such as sharing buttons in order to improve the user experience. inspHire also uses cookies to gather information such as statistics on visitor numbers and to see what pages of the website are most effective.

Helpful EU Cookie Law Resources

  • Full legislation for the EU Cookie Law - Click here

  • Guidelines from the Information Commissioner’s Office (policing the EU Cookie Law) - Click here

  • The ICO Website - Click here

inspHire and the Cookies

As stated above, inspHire use a number of cookies in order to improve user experience. The inspHire website currently operates an ‘implied consent’ policy which means that inspHire assume the user on the website is happy with the way the website employs cookies. Please note, if you are not happy with the way inspHire’s website use cookies then we suggest you delete the cookies once you are finished browsing or access the website through a proxy server.

First Party Cookies (set by the website directly)

Google Analytics - inspHire use Google Analytics to help improve the user experience and identify areas of the website that need to be improved. Google Analytics collects information about user behaviour, how the different pages within the website are being accessed, bounce rates, duration on the website and what the user is clicking on. This data is not tied to personal identifable information, meaning that inspHire will not be able to store personal information or identify who you are through Analytics.

Third Party Cookies (set by external websites)

Third party cookies are set by external websites and are identified on inspHire’s website as the ‘sharing buttons.’ These sharing buttons allow the visitors on the website to share blog posts and case studies onto social media sites such as Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook.

Please note, in order to implement ‘sharing buttons’ onto a website and connect these to the relevant external sites, there will be scripts from domains outside of inspHire’s website. This means that these sites could be collecting information about what websites you are accessing.