HB Rentals uses inspHire

HB Rentals

A Bit About HB Rentals

HB Rentals HB Rentals is the global leader in on-site accommodations and related equipment needs for the oil and gas industry. Since the 1980s they have provided safe, reliable products to make living on the job an easier, more comfortable experience. From accommodations to accessories they have the largest, newest fleet around. Whether it’s onshore, offshore, domestic or international, HB Rentals’ experience and diversity give them the capabilities to handle their customers' housing and related equipment needs.

HB Rentals uses inspHire

inspHire has given us a much clearer understanding of how our assets are performing and has improved cash flow.

Katherine Knowles, HB Rentals, HB Rentals

The Issue

HB Rentals had been using several systems including Excel for the control and billing of their huge global fleet but had identified the need for a more consolidated system; one that at the touch of a button would give them instant access to information that was previously only available from combining data from several sources. HB Rentals researched the market for an alternative asset management system and amongst others invited inspHire to demonstrate its leading Rental Management Solution.

The Solution

It was clear at the first demonstration with inspHire that the software and the company itself ticked all HB Rentals’ boxes, and actually exceeded their expectations. The inspHire product offered a solution that whilst tracking and billing their global fleet, also gave the company the instant critical business analysis reports that they required. At the sharp end of the business, inspHire was also able to save much time simply by providing industry-required documentation, like Health and Safety certification, which could be printed out with the standard customer information.

The inspHire WebPortal offers HB Rentals the faculty to provide its customers with direct access to their own account information online, 24/7. This means that customers of HB Rentals can review the assets they have on rent, check previous tests, floor plans, operating instructions and other information that under normal circumstances would have to be sent to the customer by HB Rentals, leaving the information at risk for being lost or misplaced.

“Since we have implemented inspHire we now have a much clearer understanding of how our assets are working for us through the utilization and asset tracking options. From an accounts point of view, we now have much better reporting and our billing process has improved 100%.”

Katherine Knowles, HB Rentals