Tanks Direct uses inspHire

Tanks Direct

A Bit About Tanks Direct

Tanks Direct is an equipment rental company in western Canada specializing in above-ground fuel tanks and related equipment for rental and purchase. Their clients are in the areas of oilfield, mining, construction, pipelines, farming and industrial. Offering fuel storage solutions from temporary and portable tanks up to large permanent installations either stand alone or cardlock managed. Tanks Direct have certified CPCA installers on staff and run a full-service department maintaining equipment to meet clients’ expectations.

Tanks Direct uses inspHire

inspHire has provided the solution we needed to effectively and accurately track as well as manage all of the inventory within our ever-expanding business.

Rob Kiddell IT Manager at Tanks Direct

The Issue

With their previous rental software system at end-of-life and the vendor’s only upgrade option a costly switch to a completely different product, Tanks Direct decided to seek out another rental software package. “There were deficiencies in our current rental software, specifically a lack of flexibility for quickly placing items on or off rent as requested by clients. Also, support was being dropped for the existing system. It could not be modified easily and it wasn’t cheap to make small amendments; such as contract wording on documents” said Rob Kiddell, IT Manager.

When Tanks Direct began their search for a new system, they knew they needed functionality that would not place them under the same stress the previous system had. Also, due to internet connectivity issues, the system needed to be an on-premise solution that worked within their internal network. In addition, Tanks Direct wanted a solution that would support the growth of the business, not just solve their existing issues.

The Solution

After extensive online demonstrations with inspHire product specialists, working through their specific requests and concerns, Tanks Direct decided that the locally hosted system, inspHire Corporate, was the right solution for them. Rob said “We couldn’t have been happier with the implementation of inspHire. They accommodated what we needed and we tackled the project in manageable amounts, all of the databases were converted, everything was rolled out on schedule and we have a plan in place for future expansion of the system”.

As Tanks Direct have a full-service department and complete all of their own workshop jobs, they also required the inspHire Workshop module. “Thanks to the Workshop module within inspHire, we’re able to easily manage all our shop construction projects and tank maintenance; we can even generate all certification and documentation. This contributes greatly to helping us meet our clients’ expectations”.

“As we were upgrading our software and have previous experience researching the market, we had a clear idea of our budget. We’re pleased to say, including the cost of purchase, install and yearly maintenance, inspHire Corporate comes in at or below what we budgeted to spend on upgrading our rental software”.