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Business Intelligence - inspHire Dashboards

Oct 12, 2012

As the rental industry becomes more demanding and competitive, CEO’s and Presidents are requiring key business information and performance levels in one location. Because of this, the rental industry has witnessed a rise in demand for business intelligence dashboards, presenting management information for different departments.

inspHire’s passion not only lies with the rental industry but also by emerging technologies, innovating new and improved products within inspHire, like inspHire’s interactive Dashboards, to help increase efficiencies and return on investment for inspHire users. inspHire’s business intelligence Dashboards provide vital, real-time information in a easy to read format, including both graphical dashboards and dashboards displaying key numerical information. Whether it’s for the CEO who is requesting to review live rental information, or the maintenance manager needing to see a quick snapshot of items due for preventative maintenance or breakdown, inspHire’s Dashboards provide you with the information you need. Designed to illustrate a range of information from operational data such as, quantity of items on rent, through to analytical information, such as customer performance month by month.

inspHire has been using dashboard technology for over 10 years and now most of inspHire’s Dashboards are interactive, designed using customers’ input, to help streamline many rental operations. inspHire’s Dashboards range from inventory management, customer benefits and information to help plan for resource, labor and inventories. The Dashboards have been customized to deliver key information held within inspHire’s rental solution. In the near future inspHire Dashboards will feature KPI management data.

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