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Customer Loyalty as a Second Language

May 28, 2013

Inspiring customer loyalty should be a core priority in any and every business model. Consumers devoted to a product, service or company are far more likely to both continue their relationship and recommend to their personal network of friends, family and business associates. In order to achieve a sustainable business and reputation, keeping customers happy and loyal should become effortlessly infused as a “second nature” into every level of process and procedure.

Focus on Quality

Assuring the highest quality products, services and outreach keeps customers returning – and recommending to their rolodex of contacts. A company who invests in the research and resources necessary to ensure the best possible offerings is a company who nurtures loyalty in its consumers. Cutting corners on quality will not only ultimately impact your business’ bottom line, but its chance for long-term survival.

Products and Services

Your products and services are your public face. Falter in that area, and your customers will dedicate themselves to the competition instead. It’s going to require some budgeting and intensive research. But ultimately, the money and time involved will more than make up for the initial exertions.

In order to provide current and future loyal followers with the very best, focus on keeping these following core elements consistently at the forefront:

  1. Health and Safety: Coming off as apathetic towards consumer well-being is a quick way to isolate and drive away customers. Health and safety are two areas that should never be compromised. Making current customers and prospects feel comfortable and safe are an important part of the sales nurturing lifecycle.

  2. Compliance: Savvy customers tend to know whether or not products or services fall within compliance guidelines. Have a game plan ready for any policy or regulation changes – this will keep everyone’s (your company and clients) best interest in mind!

  3. Honesty Is the Best Policy: Truthfulness and an adherence to ethical standards attract and keep more loyal customers, which will especially buoy your business in the event of a mistake. Handle any errors and inconveniences with grace and class. Consumers are far more forgiving of sincere apologies and a straightforward, visible willingness to change for the better.

Quality business does not end at the goods you offer. Onboarding the best employees for the jobs involved and providing them with all the training necessary to perfectly represent your brand is quintessential to quality customer service.

Customer Service

If consumers have questions, comments or concerns about your products or services, you owe it to them to address whatever they have to say. But you discourage loyalty in the customer service area if you fail to provide your representatives with the proper training and education. The best customer service protocols tend to include some of these essentials:

Quick Responses: Customers’ time is just as valuable as yours. In the event of overflow or major emergencies, make sure to inform them about the wait. They will appreciate the honesty.

  1. Polite: Make sure all employees at all levels of support treat incoming inquiries with respect, dignity and kindness.

  2. Knowledgeable: Educate customer service representatives regarding all the products and services involved, as well as company protocol and structure. Train them intensively. Train them well. Allow them to say, “I don’t know” as long as they forward consumers to someone who does, with the up-training approach to minimize the number of times this happens.

  3. Availability: Ensure customer service contact information is easy to find on packaging, websites, social media, ads and other outlets. Offer them multiple channels to get in touch, and multiple types of support depending on their needs.

  4. The Right Tools: Software providing real-time data and tracking will help customer service representatives answer questions and address comments quickly and efficiently. There are even possible options to access non-confidential updates directly to customers themselves via website or phone, saving them the time needed to call or e-mail for more information.

Loyalty Begets Loyalty

Show customers the very same loyalty they show you. Conduct regular inspections of products, services, health, safety, employee morale and customer satisfaction. Make note of any weak points and painstakingly strengthen them. These efforts directly feed into customer loyalty. Give them reasons to stick around and they’ll stick around. Maybe even bring some valuable contacts along with them.

Staying on top of your game is a major quality that most dedicated customers actively seek out. The right tools and resources can keep you ahead of the competition curve. Contact us and learn more how our rental software can help your business organize and streamline processes – effectively and efficiently. Let inspHire help you foster the customer loyalty you deserve.

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