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Cutting the Cord

Mar 18, 2013

It only seems like a few years ago that the only option for using the phone was a landline with a 3-foot cord. Remember how absolutely liberating it was to replace the 3-foot cord with a 6-foot cord? You could actually make it around the corner for some privacy! Now it feels like technology is making leaps and bounds, sometimes every day. And technology like mobility is no longer on the fringe of discussion: it is at the core of strategy demand. So have you asked yourself the million-dollar question: “Is my rental business keeping up?”

Mobility Is No Longer a Solution: It’s a Necessity

If your rental software does not embrace the greatness of mobility, then you are already behind. The benefits of having a mobile solution touch every life and role within your business. Ground level employees to top level executives have the opportunity for greater productivity, improved cost savings and insight into real-time data, no matter where or when they need to be accessible.

Future Momentum

The reality of the business world is that people just work differently today than they did in the past. The lines have become blurred between “work hours” and “time off.” Customers operate on their own watch meaning that they not only want, but need, immediate access to data on the go. This means that providing your company the right tools to operate 24/7 in the office or remotely makes it easier for you and your employees to find that work-life balance while increasing overall productivity and profitability.

For your business to be relevant in today’s fast-paced world, you must have flexibility and accessibility to data and operations. Real time is the new standard when it comes to rental business information. It’s time to move beyond the desk. inspHire’s rental software is more than mobile ready, it provides the powerful tools to keep your business ahead of the competition curve. With inspHire iX, you can get access to key customer information – anytime, anywhere while inspHire WebPortal provides our clients’ customers with access to key rental information around the clock. Learn how by contacting us today to schedule a demo.

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