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Don’t Get Frustrated, Take Control!

Jan 28, 2013

Lack of information, difficulty locating resources and timely searches has made us all guilty of frustration in the workplace. Without the right tools and support in a working environment, employee frustration can hit highs that result in significant lack of engagement and low levels of productivity. Get rid of those barriers that inhibit performance. Not only will your company benefit from more motivated employees, you may unleash their creativity – resulting in tangible financial gain for your company. In today’s business, nearly one third of employees report that they do not have the necessary tools, resources and information readily available to be successful in their jobs. Enable your employees to improve their performance as doing so can lead to higher revenue gain and lower turnover. Take these steps to prevent employee frustration:

Give your employees the tools they need to quickly and efficiently complete tasks

Instantaneous, easy to access data and analytics should be at the touch of your employees’ fingertips – anytime and anywhere. Remote access to crucial company information will help employees communicate strategies, monitor and adjust tactics and deliver insights. Utilizing programs and platforms that provide up-to-date information will save your employees’ time and effort, ultimately resulting in higher performance and increased bottom line. Wondering what tools may be right for your company to work at peak performance levels? Check out inspHire’s business intelligence dashboards.

Accountability from the bottom up

Frustration can be a domino effect in any organization. Hold employees accountable from the bottom up. Whether they are entry-level account managers to senior-level executives, enable your employees to voice concerns of what they are lacking to be successful in their role. Managers should help identify employee pain-points to remove productivity barriers to maximize employee effectiveness. Companies may face resource constraints or tight budgets, however finding ways to help employees get the job done is essential to your bottom line.

Conversation is critical

Employees want to know how they are helping to drive business. Annual reviews and setting independent goals is not enough for employees to see bigger pictures. Engage your company across all levels with effective communication strategies at both high levels and individual responsibilities. Managers should keep ongoing conversations that set goals and priorities while addressing challenges and concerns.

Start optimizing employee satisfaction and productivity by imploring the right tools and tactics this first quarter. At inspHire, we believe that relevant, up-to-date information can play a crucial role in driving businesses to the next level. Don’t let things slip through the crack, empower your employees by using intuitive tools like 20/20 dashboards. If you are ready to drive your business to the next level, contact inspHire.

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