People watching event booths at The Rental Show
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Get Work Done at The Rental Show

Jan 26, 2015

You’re in New Orleans…

Attending great rental seminars, learning about (and buying) the most up-to-date products to help boost your business, and making important connections with other rental industry professionals. You’re having lots of fun, and to top it off, you’re enjoying the bragging rights you’ve earned having heard five-time National Football League MVP Peyton Manning give a keynote speech—in person!

It’s all happening at The ARA Rental Show (, running for the 59th year from February 22 through 25. And what’s also happening as you’re picking up business tips, tools, and connections? You’re still getting work done “at the office,” whether it’s just a few or a thousand miles or more away from the Ernest N. Morial Convention Center, home to this year’s show. And inspHire’s business software is making it all possible.

Consider this: A beautiful Louisiana morning is upon you, and you’re heading from your hotel room to the show. With your tablet or smart phone in hand, you’re reviewing critical information about your company’s performance and needs via the inspHire BI Dashboards. You’re able to see new order counts and stock statuses with breakdowns—if that’s what you want to check—from the previous business day. Something in a dashboard pod alarms you, so you call your office and get the right Manager on the case . . . and that’s all before you step foot into the tradeshow hall for The Rental Show’s morning events.

Now that you’ve addressed your business issue, you’re relaxing as you’re sitting in on a seminar about, let’s say, the characteristics you’ll need in order to lead your company to success or as you’re visiting tradeshow booths learning about new rental industry-related products. And you have plenty of seminars to choose from—23 in all, where you can learn about everything from communicating more effectively to managing your company’s online reputation. You also have plenty of companies to learn about and from at the booths—675 plus, including inspHire! Enjoying yourself at The Rental Show…

As you network with others, perhaps at a scheduled get-together with professionals from your particular region or while you’re enjoying yourself at the ARA (American Rental Association) Foundation Charity Auction, you’re still keeping up with, or even taking action on, business back home at the office. InspHire’s Business Alerts tool is e-mailing notifications to your tablet and phone about important happenings or reminding you to resolve a pressing matter. For example, if you’re the Repairs Manager, you may receive an e-mail letting you know that the quantity of stock in repair has changed, or if you’re the Accounts Manager, you may be notified that a customer has exceeded his or her credit limit on a sales order or that you have just won a quote for over $10k.

Business Alerts may also let you know that a contract item has been exchanged; remind you to call a customer, a task you can then delegate via e-mail to an employee back at the office as you continue to make the rounds at the show; send you an alert to e-mail a customer when the delivery date on a contract changes; and notify you if a customer raises a sales order over a designated amount. As you’re heading back to your hotel room after a long and fruitful day at the show, you’re checking your tablet or phone again for critical updates inspHire’s reports scheduler tool e-mailed you at the time you had designated before you even set foot on the plane for New Orleans. Perhaps you’re checking your company’s asset analysis report or a report on today’s business activity, equipment utilization or the equipment’s location. The report looks good, and, before you swipe your electronic key to enter your hotel room, you click “send” and the report, either in PDF or Excel format, is traveling through cyberspace to other company managers.

Now in your room, you kick off your shoes, lie back on your hotel bed for a snooze, and in an hour or so, you’re heading out with friends you’ve made at The Rental Show to enjoy New Orleans’s incomparable blues and jazz clubs. You’re taking it easy over a meal as the soothing sounds put the finishing touch on a successful day at the show . . . and at your virtual office!

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