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The Impact of Cloud Computing

Jul 1, 2013

Manufacturing is all about finding easier, faster and safer methods of creating things. The evolution – and subsequent encroach – of cloud computing has allowed many industries to move towards more streamlined processes. This makes the technology an absolute sterling fit for manufacturing, which greatly benefits from any resources that help it get things done even better than before.

Capturing Analysis

Many manufacturing companies offer custom means of production - a kind of built-to-order model where customers receive exactly what they want after selecting specifics from the various options available. Cloud-based platforms make it easier to store the data from these requests and apply them to future orders. You can also create custom reporting and analysis for yourself and your customers.

Real-Time Dashboards

Establishing an environment in the cloud means enjoying constant access to data. This unobstructed, consistent pathway to information allows access to what is needed in real time – strategically giving the most up-to-date returns needed to solve problems quickly and effectively.

Designing with the Cloud

Integrating the cloud into daily processes and actual services as well makes it even simpler for customers to connect with businesses. Keep the cloud in mind when designing online ordering, customer portals or employee intranets in an effort to open up greater communication with clients and workers alike. And greater communication typically means an improvement products and customer service.

Tracking Sales

Creating a single-cloud platform can enable tracking of all the sales made. This gives manufacturers a better understanding of the supply and demand influencing their specific products and services. It returns data useful for determining maximum profitability, and allows the sales team to quantify their results whether out in the field, in the office or wherever they may go.


Automation requires a certain level of trust. Permitting the cloud to take care of certain tasks means relinquishing some control over daily operations. However, once that trust has been properly established, the cloud can automate customer service, support and online ordering - even pricing and HR services.

Human Resources

Data management, especially when it comes to keeping track of employees, can be streamlined through the cloud. Payroll, time tracking and even employee benefits can all be handled in this manner. It empowers customers and HR representative to take control of user data in a more efficient way.

The push to use cloud-based systems is becoming the norm in manufacturing and other industries; it’s freeing up hours and allowing investment opportunities to thrive - ushering manufacturing into a brand new era. inspHire rental software is on the forefront of these changes by utilizing the cloud in a perfect way suitable to manufacturing.

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