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Improving Workplace Safety

Jun 11, 2015

Let’s get real. Accidents happen on the job—sometimes very bad accidents. In short, inspHire’s software solutions can help your company become a safer place to work. First, let’s look at how software-generated reports can help maintain a safer work environment.

The Importance of Reports

inspHire offers hundreds of reports that directly impact workplace safety. These include Service or Maintenance Due, Inspections, Certificate Expirations, Service History, and Slow Rent reports. These reports provide critical information that allows managers to proactively address issues before they become safety problems. For instance, knowing when and what equipment is due for maintenance helps keep equipment in proper working order to prevent mechanical failures.

In addition to such reports, employees can use inspHire software to customize existing reports or create brand-new ones and export data to programs like Excel, which allows them to analyze information by sorting, charting, or running pivot tables. This enables company managers to zero in on their business’s specific safety needs. Additionally, employees can configure the system to generate and email reports to specific recipients on a desired date and at a specific time, on a one-time basis or a recurring one. For example, the reports can be sent to a particular manager or managers every week at the same time on the same day. Automatically generating and sending them to multiple people facilitates better workload planning, and tasks are less likely to slip through the cracks. This can improve workplace safety. Maintenance Schedules Employees can use inspHire software to set up maintenance schedules. The schedules typically fall into the category of time (such as an annual inspection), usage (such as a 250-hour service), or a combination of both, as in “whichever comes first.” Setting a time-based schedule is usually accomplished through a simple calendar. A usage schedule can be generated using meter functionality. The meter can be identified by the end user as usage hours, mileage, or fluid level for a specific piece of equipment. There are also telematics solutions that allow employees to check meter readings remotely. Again, keeping equipment functioning well is a key to a safe work environment.

Pre-Delivery and Off-Rent Inspections

Pre-Delivery inspections provide the opportunity to ensure equipment is in proper working condition prior to rental. Off-rent inspections allow employees to automatically off-rent equipment directly to the Service Department, which allows the department to perform inspections based on the type of equipment. An electric scissor lift, for instance, will likely require different inspection steps than a diesel generator. The off-rent inspection provides the opportunity to update meter readings, check for excess wear and tear, take new pictures, and make sure it is safe to put the equipment back into the rental fleet.

Storing Multiple Documents

It’s important to store multiple documents (such as certificates, brochures, operating instructions, and safety information) against an asset, and inspHire software lets you do just that. Additionally, it automates the printing of these saved documents along with the printing of contract documents and automatically prints the operating instructions and safety information to accompany a delivery ticket. The more information an operator has, the less likely an accident will happen because of user error.

Business Alerts

Business Alerts automatically notify employees when an action is processed in the system. For example, when equipment is brought off-rent, an email noting what requires critical attention can automatically be sent to the Service Manager. Literally hundreds of actions can trigger an email that keeps everyone “in the know” to prevent things from slipping through the cracks. InspHire’s mobile working functionality allows the end user to push messages to other personnel, who can retrieve the information from their smartphone or tablet. This area of the system offers a lot of features, but the important safety benefits include speed and minimizing human error. For example, pushing a pick ticket to a yard worker’s device allows him or her to scan the proper piece of equipment without having to read someone’s handwriting. Accidentally allocating the wrong piece of equipment to a contract could have serious safety consequences.

Dashboard and Query Tools

The information in a business intelligence dashboard is typically easier to read than standard text, and it’s easier to spot trends when the data is graphed versus presented in a simple black-and-white report. When an employee notices these trends, he or she can make necessary adjustments to help prevent an accident. In addition to dashboards, a custom query tool helps catch “the exceptions.” For instance, inspHire’s smart view reminder allows employees to display their choice of data. Examples include items due for pick up, workshop jobs due to finish, and much more. Again, the safety-related benefit here is keeping everyone informed to minimize the chance of critical tasks not being performed.

In Closing… Remember, leveraging technology to automate processes and extract better data can result in a safer work environment. More importantly, we are always looking for ways to improve our product offering for every area of your business, especially safety. If your company has a requirement our software doesn’t cover, please let us know. We take our customer requests seriously. InspHire would love to hear your ideas.

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