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Make Everything You Do Count

May 23, 2014

Well-functioning businesses don’t leave room for waste. From the Administrative Assistant on up to the President, schedules are made, deadlines are met, and goals are achieved. The mark of a great company is one that values the contributions of every employee, and great companies help every employee make everything they do count.

The same goes for rental companies, and one way they can eliminate business waste and become great is by choosing a software solution that reduces business costs and increases business efficiencies for every worker.

At inspHire, there are many software features that can help your company achieve this goal. Consider, for instance, our Customer Relationship Management (CRM) module, which, among other employees, helps Administrative Assistants and Sales Representatives improve on the job. Among the software’s many strong points, it allows admin personnel to store customer and prospect information in one place, thereby reducing response times to customer inquiries; the software also allows sales reps to track thousands of opportunities rather than just 50 to 100. Additionally, the program easily tracks whether a customer or prospect has recently been contacted by phone or visited on site and automatically updates whether a business opportunity was a “gain” or a “loss.”

These CRM features have boosted the business of rental companies by helping to ensure better relationships with clients and higher client retention. Overall, this has helped companies improve their conversion of prospects to sales by over 10 percent. And let’s not forget the work satisfaction the software brings to the admin personnel (it frees them up to focus on other tasks instead of wasting time looking up individual client information), the Sales Reps (for whom the software provides increased selling opportunities), and the top employee who signs workers’ paychecks (he or she is delighted that admin personnel are getting more work done while at the same time the company is seeing higher sales). Consider some other inspHire software features that will make everything your employees, and therefore your company do count—and raise the number of cha-chings!

  • InspHire’s Sub-Rent Replacement report software helps build work efficiency and reduces costs. Among its features, it sends reminders of products on sub-rent at any given time; tracks rented equipment, ensuring it is returned to the original supplier and that supplier charges are correct; and displays which equipment on rent is sub-rented but can be replaced by your own equipment to improve margins.

  • Our Mobile Rental solution helps the drivers who deliver your products, helps your company reduce the amount of money it spends on paper, and reduces errors because it allows for the scanning of barcodes, eliminating the need to rely on error-prone human hands to record detailed product information. Among its features, this solution allows staff to send delivery information to Android devices, providing instant information to drivers, which speeds up services. The software also allows drivers to record customer signatures electronically upon delivery of products and to beam that information back to the administrative staff almost instantaneously. Additionally, staff can amend delivery items and update rental information right away.

  • InspHire’s Report Scheduler tool allows reports to be automatically emailed to location managers and other staff, taking that duty off your Administrative Assistant’s plate and allowing him or her to work on other tasks. This reduces costs and improves business margins.

  • Our dashboards provide a graphical overview of your company’s business performance and metrics and also zeroes in on exceptions, allowing for the identification and correcting of negative trends. This proactive approach to monitoring your business allows you to ward off potential problems before they bloom, thereby saving your company time and money down the road.

As you can see, InspHire offers rental software solutions that can help make everything your company does count and make your company great. For more information about our products, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We’re here to help.

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