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Navigating the Virtual Office

Jun 13, 2013

Technology has completely redefined business in the 21 century. Lightning-fast communication available on multiple platforms has enabled us to do more in a shorter span of time. It also makes conducting business on the go far more convenient. Unsurprisingly, offices are beginning to take advantage of current tools to save money and protect the environment by transitioning to partial or completely virtual arrangements.

Why Going Virtual Is Catching On

Virtual offices preserve all the professionalism of their traditional predecessors while simultaneously saving on overhead costs. They utilize the latest communication technologies to keep employees and clients connected in real time without worrying about logistics and cost. Telecommuting saves companies an estimated $277 million annually. This number includes commuting, rent, equipment and any productivity losses.

Efficiency and quality also increase in a virtual office setting. Reduced commuting saves time in addition to money, so employees can better tackle assignments and challenges with a fresher mind and body. It is also a perfectly viable option for workers whose responsibilities require some degree of travel.

Even more importantly, less time on the road means less risk of an accident or injury, so virtual offices also heavily promote safety – and a healthier environment. Opting for the virtual office prevents an up to 47,320 metric tons of greenhouse gases from entering the atmosphere any given year. For companies whose brands proudly embrace green initiatives, this is an ideal motion to help reinforce their commitment to the cause.

The Big Virtual Challenges

Because virtual offices rely so heavily on technology to get work done, it’s absolutely necessary to have a backup plan in place. Cloud services, flash drives, external hard drives and other tools preserve data in the event of a major meltdown. Never rely exclusively on only one device to save your work. If you prefer external backup, then make sure to bring more than one along with you while on the go.
Employees might struggle with self-motivation as a result of the increased independence virtual offices provide. It’s important to set small and major goals alike and work toward accomplishing them. Staying focused and reducing distractions are essential when committing to a virtual office environment, especially when they involve travel and trips out into the field. If necessary, set up a personal rewards system with incentives for reaching certain professional milestones.

Making the Right Choices

Having the right technology and platforms in place are essential to business success; this advice applies to all business environments. Investing in the highest-quality rental software that’s right for the job makes all the difference – especially when working out in the field or on the go. To help manage your equipment, regardless of where you conduct business, contact inspHire. We are dedicated to providing the most accurate real-time data in a user-friendly format so your company can flourish.

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