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Why Rental Software Needs To Be Mobile

Mar 26, 2013

There used to be a time when the traditional punching of the clock during core hours was the standard. Productivity “behind the desk” was the most common office standard – and it still is today. However, the landscape has changed. With smartphones and wireless laptops, the 8-5 work schedule is now a grey area. Business now operates 24/7, regardless if it happens behind a desk or remotely. With the influx in work mobility, is the appearance of a standard work environment really producing accomplished tasks, or just promoting the glamour of individuals actually working? If your business isn’t remotely accessible 24/7, then you are behind the curve. Here are just a few reasons why it might be high time to kick the desk to the curb and invest in mobility.

Increase Mobility, Experience Less Desk Stress

Working in the same, stagnant environment can become daunting. The desk space becomes a clutter of paperwork, binders and stacks of stuff “to do” creating the appearance that work is getting done. However, the desk barrier can hinder creativity, interactivity and actual task accomplishment. As an anchor to work, individuals are required to sit for long periods of time. With “desk freedom,” individuals would be expected to move around, see and interact more while grasping a better understanding of business. Going mobile doesn’t necessarily mean scrap the desk altogether, but it does work to create that business is constantly happening – wherever you may be.

Data Scraping Through Remote Access Software

Deep-digging for data and information can quickly become anyone’s fulltime job. If data can only be found by a NASA supercomputer, employees will never be able to quickly and efficiently provide the right reports, information and tools needed to successfully help their customers. Simply put, data should be easily accessible whether it’s on a computer, phone or tablet. Your rental software should not only be able to travel remotely with you, but it should be easy to access and information should be easily displayed – without the deep dive search.

Efficiency Is Profitability

Not having a mobile software solution for your rental business is just inefficient, which ultimately will result in loss of profitability. The faster employees can gain and maintain momentum easier, the better you can streamline operations and gain measurable ROI. This is where 24/7 accessibility becomes key. Your customers operate around the clock, and so should you. Have a Powerful Management Solution

When it comesto rental business information, real time, flexible and accessible data is the new standard. With inspHire iX, go beyond being “just mobile ready” and be provided with powerful tools to keep your business ahead of the curve with access to key customer information, anytime, anywhere. Additionally, inspHire’s WebPortal provides access to key rental information 24/7. Don’t only become relevant in today’s business market, become a powerful leader in the rental industry. Contact inspHire today for a free demo.

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