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Introducing Route Planning Functionality

Aug 2, 2016

We’re thrilled to introduce our brand new Route Planning functionality which has been specifically designed for rental businesses in the portable toilet, container, and modular building industries. This allows businesses to plan, manage and optimize service runs; making them as time and cost efficient as possible.

inspHire’s Managing Director, Graham Dobbs, says: “By listening to our customers, we knew that planning service runs, especially in the toilet rental industry, can be a bit of a pain. We wanted to create fantastic functionality that our customers can reap benefits from every day and that’s what we’ve done”.

Key features within Route Planning Functionality include;

Route Planning Integrated Web-Based Mapping
Full Route Optimization Equipment Due for Service
Recurring or one-off site visits Calculate travel times

Take a list of addresses that have been entered into the system and generate the most efficient service run at the click of a button; as well as taking into account the time required for a driver to travel from one location to the next. inspHire also factors in the length of time each service will take, ensuring technicians have enough time in the day to complete all of their allocated jobs. Improve customer service by giving your customers accurate time frames as to when the technician will arrive on site and how long a job will take.

If a client has your equipment on long term rental and you need to schedule numerous or regular services, then you can easily create recurring site visits. Ensuring the service is never missed and easily allows you to plan ahead. Useful alerts automatically remind you when equipment is due for service. If a service has not been scheduled, then the system will remind and prompt you to book one in.

Ensure your drivers are always punctual by scheduling routes that comply with driving time regulations. Integrated web-based mapping allows you to see your complete route on an on screen map. It makes sure all routes are consistently up to date, any changes in road layouts are accounted for, and all routes a fully optimized all of the time.

inspHire Software makes it easier for rental businesses in the portable toilet, container and modular building industries to manage every aspect of their business. Visit our products page to find out more about what inspHire has to offer and the impact it can have on your business. Alternatively, to discover more information about Route Planning give our sales team a call at (832)631-1665.

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