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The Benefits of a Rental Solution

Dec 4, 2014

When you think about how a rental solution should benefit your business, your first thought may be “by making us more money.” That’s certainly an important goal, and likely near if not the top goal for most businesses. To reach it, your company must provide quality services and products that gain it new customers and keep them and the old customers happy. You say, “That’s stating the obvious.” Well, that’s true, but it’s always important to state your goals and how you’ll attain them, no matter how simple it all seems. When things get tough—and in business, things always get tough—you’ll have a “map” to help you get back on track.

At inspHire, we will give you that map. It’s as simple as knowing what top five benefits a rental solution should deliver. Could making more money really be as simple as knowing these benefits? Emphatically, the answer is “Yes!”

So here, we share the top five things your rental solution should deliver to help keep your company rolling in customers and green.

1 Free up time during the workday

Software Feature: System Automation.

A top-performing rental solution will automate key business processes. By reducing your employees’ workload, automation helps workers budget their time more efficiently and accomplish more in a workday.

To that end, InspHire Corporate Edition generates key reports via an automated scheduler and e-mails them to the appropriate parties; it creates business alerts that notify employees when processes have occurred and action is required; and a biggie: it automates recurring billing. This major timesaver helps reduce the manual workload by more than 90 percent!

3 Maximise Revenue

Software Feature: Optimize Inventory Levels and Rates.

InspHire will help your company maximize its revenue with software that focuses on utilization and rental asset valuations that identify optimum inventory levels and reduce the cost of slow inventory.

How? Our software will track equipment usage and thus identify slow renting equipment and underperforming assets. Knowing how well equipment is performing will help you decide which equipment to keep, let go of, buy more of, or reduce. Identifying your most profitable rental assets allows you to identify new revenue opportunities.

5 Improve Employee Satisfaction and Customer Service

Software Feature: Current Technology.

Happy employees stay loyal and stick with the company. Low-employee turnover helps your business reduce new-employee training costs and build efficiencies by way of long-term workers who become more outstanding in their jobs. And by improving your employees’ satisfaction, you will also improve customer service. That’s because your employees will provide a higher level of service, which results in higher customer retention rates and new customers.

One way InspHire helps you achieve these ends is through its up-to-date software, which delivers speed, better tools, and a familiar environment for workers.

2 Reduce Costs

Software Feature: Planned Maintenance.

One way to reduce costs is by staying on top of the maintenance needs of your rental equipment. Planned maintenance will prevent what could have turned into mechanical failures down the road. Regular maintenance of equipment is a small price to pay compared to major repair costs. InspHire software will provide a review of the true costs of your company’s assets, create a planned maintenance schedule for your equipment, and automatically provide warnings about planned maintenance services that are overdue. All of this equates to more money in your company’s coffers.

4 Automated Control

Software Feature: Business Intelligence Tools.

InspHire software identifies your business’s key trends, which allows company leaders to proactively squash blossoming issues before they become full-blown problems or expand business in areas that are projected to boom!

For example, graphical interface software allows you to see whether usage of particular rental equipment may increase or decrease in the not-too distant future, which puts you in the driver’s seat to determine additional equipment purchases or disposals. It will also help you make decisions about future staffing levels, depending on your company’s projected business needs, and show your best customers’ spending patterns, which allows you to determine how to improve your sales numbers.

Our Rental Software

Efficiently delivers critical work data, which helps employees make better decisions more quickly and accurately for customers and inspires a higher level of job satisfaction. We also provide solutions with intuitive user interfaces (they are Microsoft products, a brand that many employees are familiar with from using them at home for their personal needs). These solutions are easy to learn and use, and therefore reduce unnecessary stress on end users. The software also enables employees to categorize customers according to their needs, resulting in service that is specific to their needs. This results in happy customers and more customers . . . and more money.

So that’s it: the top five benefits a rental solution should deliver. Keep this map to help your company stay on course and put it on its way to earning more money—or put another way, staying in business and doing better than great.

InspHire rental solutions are here to help your business go the distance. When you need directions, take a look back at our top five things your rental solution should deliver. It’s a map to always keep handy.

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