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Why It Pays to Implement New Systems NOW

May 23, 2014

The scene is classic: In a cartoon making the rounds on the professional networking site LinkedIn, a man carrying wheels tries unsuccessfully to convince two guys pulling and pushing a wheel-less barrow to stop and put the wheels on so they can pick up speed. They won’t do it. Says one, “We are too busy.”

It’s a perfect illustration of the insanity of “resistance to change” so commonplace in business; according to a well-publicized survey conducted by technology market research firm Vanson Bourne, 99 percent of 300 U.S. and U.K. information technology leaders said their businesses spent “considerable” time using manual processes, though the majority of these same respondents also said implementing automation has led to savings in time, costs, and increases in productivity.

If you recognize any of the craziness in that cartoon or what’s going on in businesses globally in your own rental company, listen up. Waiting to implement new systems later, when you need them now, can prevent your company from succeeding. In this post-recession age, where so many companies are understaffed, most businesses can’t afford to wait.

At inspHire, we offer a host of automated processes software which have saved companies up to an additional ten hours of work time per week per employee to put toward other tasks. The bottom line is that this software can help your bottom line: Smaller work staffs can complete more tasks in less time, prevent a company from having to hire more workers, increase customer satisfaction, and, thereby, put more money into a company’s coffers. Would you rather struggle to make it across the tracks with your wheel-less barrow or spend a little money on wheels now so that you can make more trips and more money? “Putting on those wheels”—in this case, the equivalent of buying automated processes software—helped a $10-million company working with inspHire software grow to a $15-million company within a few short years. That’s a tangible measure of success, and there are others.

Consider this story: Every week, an administrative assistant found half a workday eaten up at her computer by the task of inputting the locations of rented-out equipment, but that all changed after the rental business implemented inspHire’s “What’s Out Where” report software, which displays a list of equipment, where its located, and also filters by customer. The report scheduler also automates the e-mailing of the report. Suddenly, with the new program, the assistant gained four hours a week to work on other tasks. Not only was she able to accomplish more, but she was overjoyed to be relieved of the boredom of her previous work. Happier workers are likely to be more productive and more loyal, which can also equate to more money for the company.

InspHire offers a broad range of software that automates key business functions. Consider, for instance, some of these others: *Recurring billing software gathers rental orders cued for one-time and recurring billing, produces the invoices, and posts entries and a summary report; the software can even e-mail them out for you too, all in one easy step.

*Equipment inspections and testing software delivers functionality to automatically off-rent equipment directly into service for inspection and testing. Certificates are pre-configured to allow technicians to ensure equipment is safe and ready for the rental fleet.

*Asset management software automates processes from acquisition to rental, from servicing refurbishments to final distribution. It reduces data input errors and streamlines monthly reporting around asset performance, both financial and physical. The software’s standard reporting features true cost of assets to revenue, return on investment calculations and real-time portfolio utilization.

We’d be remiss if we didn’t touch on one of the most important byproducts of implementing automated processes: They can help a company deliver higher-quality and more-efficient services. This raises customer satisfaction, and happy customers will spread the word about your business. Suddenly you may find more potential customers knocking on your door. The good news is, with automated processes, you can take on new customers, which of course, can mean more money for your enterprise.

For more information about our automated processes software, don’t hesitate to contact us at inspHire. We’re here to help. -Marc Tedeschi, Business Development Manager

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