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Deliver real business intelligence with Phocas

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Consolidate your data from multiple systems into one easy-to-manage view

inspHire is a part of the Kerridge CS group and one of the many perks are its partners. That’s why we’re excited to introduce you to Phocas Software. Phocas offers powerful BI reporting, an easy-to-use, simple and effective way to get fingertip access to the data that really makes your business tick.

Phocas eliminates common data challenges, giving you a quick to implement, engaging solution that adds value immediately. Whether it’s growing sales, optimising fleet or delving into the financial heartbeat of your business - you can turn your data into intelligent information, enabling you to drive more informed and strategic decisions.

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Provide direction and keep teams focussed on goals to support key performance areas.

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Gain real value from your data - tailored to your business needs, without manual setup.

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Make quick & strategic business decisions with clear goals, plans and collaboration.

Phocas makes people feel good about data

For inspHire customers who already make use of the reports and SmartViews within inspHire, Phocas can add an extra layer of clarity giving you unprecedented access to your business information allowing you to bring data to life with charts and graphs to help you understand what you need to do in the moment to drive your business forward.

Gain clarity on customer activities

View all your performance measures, from customer and sales, to stock and location, in one centralised system. Track and send campaigns alongside real sales information to match efforts towards business growth.

Manage data easily with dashboards

Funnel all of your data in one easy-to-understand dashboard. Stay updated on progress and follow targets, allowing your sales team to access all key data in one screen.

Give access to your company

Quickly getting into the heart of your business performance allows users to gain valuable insights and efficiencies - no matter what department they work in!

Integrated reporting & analytics

Unlock the power of your data for your finance and management teams, with an intuitive and integrated reporting and analytics solution.

Phocas business intelligence software | inspHire

Stay Phocas-ed on your business

Book in your free demo today and discover how you can reduce costs, streamline processes and increase margins with Phocas Software. Now is the perfect time for intuitive business intelligence and financial reporting that enables you to capture a true picture of your rental business:

  • Data analytics - deep-dive into your key business information
  • Reporting - Reporting in easy-to-read diagrams such as charts or graphs
  • Dashboards - quickly view relevant performance indicators
  • Integrations - easily connect with your inspHire system & other platforms
  • Mobile - full Phocas software suite on smartphones and tablets
  • Collaborate - share, track and comment on findings with others

To learn more about Phocas Software, book in some time with one of our specialists

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