Row of portable toilets
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Introducing Route Planning Functionality

Aug 2, 2016

We recently launched and are proud to introduce our new routing functionality that is specifically designed for the toilet hire industry. This feature has been created to improve the management and efficiency of service runs, our routing functionality makes this achievable through planning, scheduling and route optimisation.

Graham Dobbs, Managing Director here at inspHire said, “we are constantly innovating and updating our products, listening to our customers and giving them what they want. Having such open communication with them means we can produce the best hire management software on the market”. We are already looking to enhance the routing functionality, it will include features that give drivers the ability to access routes from an android device as well as capturing photos and digital signatures to secure proof of service completion, if this isn’t enough a geo-location and time stamp will also be captured.

inspHire software is already being utilised by many businesses within the toilet hire industry and with the addition of the routing functionality our software can now be even more adaptable to their specific needs. Click Here to find out what companies from your industry had to say about inspHire.

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