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Server attacks are on the rise and inspHire can help you prevent it

Discover a fast, flexible and future-proof way of protecting your business, at-all-times

Whether we realise it or not, we all use the cloud to manage vital parts of our everyday lives. Online banking, sending emails and browsing social media are all examples of this. But why should you use the cloud for your business? Simple, server attacks are on the rise and inspHire can help you prevent it. The last few years have proven we need to be equipped with agile, secure and future-proof systems, and the cloud provides just that.

Transition your inspHire system to the cloud today, so you can focus on strengthening your rental operations, delivering a better customer experience and increasing your ROI - from any device, anytime, anywhere.

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With an increasing number of cyber threats each year, plus various updates, maintenance, and upgrades. Can you afford it if something goes wrong? That’s why we’ve introduced inspHire Cloud Hosting. To give rental companies of all sizes the power, flexibility and security they need. We can deliver you a full suite of IT services designed and maintained by the experts. It’s constantly updated, and it offers a professional level of IT support for a fraction of the price. With all the uncertainty going on today, it’s essential that you get this for a fixed monthly cost. That way, you always know exactly where you are.

Martin Bestwick, Sales Director at inspHire

How will the cloud benefit you and your rental business?

As more companies realise the strategic benefits of cloud-hosting, the growth is expected to be large. Benefits of cloud-hosting include reduced complexity and increased agility, a faster time to market, as well as lower costs and increased computer efficiency. It’s no wonder more and more companies are switching!

Whilst many believe cloud hosting isn’t applicable to them, it is likely to be the thing that holds many more back in the coming years as the cloud helps to bring businesses from every industry into a new industrial revolution.

location icon Any device, anywhere

Whether you’re at home, out on-site, on the road or overseas, the cloud allows you to access your rental data from any location. Whether it’s a client enquiring about available equipment, to discuss a quote you sent or to find contact details for a person or organisation– with the cloud, you can get the job done, from anywhere.

Automatic updates icon Automatic updates

There are multiple benefits to hosting your rental business in the cloud, for starters, all updates are automatically rolled out. This means the features are instantly available for all to use as soon as they are updated, rather than waiting for someone available to update each device separately.

Security icon Enhanced security

Because your data is stored in the cloud, it can be accessed no matter what happens to your machine. You can even remotely wipe data from lost laptops, so it doesn’t get into the wrong hands, providing much more flexibility and control over your data.

save time and costs icon Save time & costs

Perhaps the most enticing benefit of cloud computing for almost any business is the way that it can help you to reduce costs in almost every department by streamlining processes, enhancing security, and reducing errors and losses a considerable amount.

scale up icon Increased agility

The cloud is easier to upgrade and will allow you to scale along with your business, meaning you’ll always have management platforms that are capable of handling any increase or decrease in demand. Plus, after the past few years, remote access has never been so high in demand.

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With the help of the cloud, businesses find that they need not be restricted by their in-house tech, instead they are able to utilise the power of the cloud to boost and enhance operations without the need to alter the physical infrastructure at all.

Who better than inspHire?

The inspHire team know the optimal configuration and performance for your inspHire system, so who better to supply and manage the IT environment required to run it? Unfortunately, we have witnessed companies use third-parties or attempt to manage their infrastructure themselves who lack resource/knowledge of the entire process.

This can lead to technical issues or your system shutting down altogether due to being outdated, resulting in downtime and an impact on your bottom line. Protect your business and let us manage the whole experience for you, so you can enjoy the freedom and security the cloud brings to you and your business.

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Make your move to the cloud today!

Transition your inspHire system to a cloud environment to enable top-level security. Hosting in the cloud allows effective protection, advanced threat detection and regulatory compliance, as well as other benefits. Protect your rental business, submit the form below to start your switch to the cloud today.

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