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Streamline the payment process and increase efficiency for both you and your customers

Introducing inspHire Office + Worldpay, the perfect partnership to enhance your customer’s experience. With this integration, you can use Worldpay card terminals to take payments for cash customers on hire contracts, sales orders and workshop jobs. This is in addition to making a miscellaneous transaction or doing a quick cash sale.

Worldpay from FIS

With Worldpay you can manage:

Automatic payments:

Option to tokenise the customers card to allow ongoing hire charges to be automatically billed during the invoice run.

Cardholder present transactions:

You can take payments using a card machine via contactless, chip and pin and more.

Cardholder not present transactions:

When the customer is remote, you can optionally enter their card details on to the card machine over the phone.

How would this benefit you?

No longer will you have to worry about the hassle of manually inputting payment information or dealing with complicated hardware. With this integration, accepting payments will be as simple as inputting your cash customer into inspHire, opening the payment window, asking the customer to tap or insert their card or entering their card details if remote, and once the payment is taken, the transaction is complete. It really is that simple!

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Discover how this leading merchant service provider can boost your customer service, as well as reduce administrative burdens.

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