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Level the playing field with inspHire WebPro

Embrace an eCommerce solution that empowers your rental business to thrive in the digital era.

Are you looking for a solution that can offer opportunities which might not be possible through standard business strategies?

Insphire WebPro
InspHire WebPro eCommerce solution

Introducing inspHire’s eCommerce solution, WebPro

WebPro allows businesses using inspHire Office Edition to create an online trading capability for their B2B and B2C customers. By implementing an eCommerce solution, you can open the door to new green field sales opportunities, such as the sale of spare parts or the servicing of external equipment, all while reaching a national audience extending far beyond that of your local catchment.

What is eCommerce?

eCommerce is an online commercial platform that acts as a 24/7 hiredesk. Essentially, you can enable your customers to electronically buy/hire equipment and/or services in an online transaction at any time without any geographic limitations.

In the rental industry, eCommerce is becoming significantly more popular as it can allow you level-up with your competitors, as well as offer many other attached benefits. WebPro has been designed by hire software experts to provide convenience, accessibility, and efficiency to both rental companies and their customers.

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Why should you implement WebPro?

Faster buying process

Customers can easily browse through your product catalogue, with the option to see which items are in-stock or unavailable, driving faster decision making. Users are able to quickly scroll through many items within a condensed time and instantly purchase the items they require.

Flexibility for your customers

In a fast-paced and growing market, the need for flexibility is vital. Studies shows that over 80% of consumers research their product in mind before making a purchase decision, and by granting your customers the ability to freely browse and self-serve is essential.

Reach distant markets

It was recorded that 67% of consumers prefer making bookings online due to convenience and saved time. Having an online version of your depot that is open for business every minute of the day will certainly drive an increase of sales for willing consumers.

Increase of sales

Never miss a thing. Set auto task reminders on hire contracts, sales orders, purchase orders, workshop jobs, services and inspections so that you can instantly see the information relevant to you, helping improve efficiency and customer service.

Creates more exposure

You may have a stellar reputation among the local community. But by having an online presence, as well as the capability to sell your services there and then, it’s going to attract a new audience and build retention for your brand.

inspHire integration:

WebPro syncs seamlessly with your inspHire Office data, meaning any changes you make to your product catalogue links WebPro and will update your website in real-time, all at a fraction of the cost of a digital web agency.

Discover what WebPro has to offer to your business:

This offering is an all-in-one complete hosted website replacement that falls under one roof, ensuring data consolidation, supported software updates, and more time to drive a stronger customer service and win new business.

Brochure mode

Google Analytics Integration

Homepage customisation


Admin messages

Analytics dashboard

Attachments & Images

Static page editor

Delivery charges

Sales orders:

For your customers who have an account, they can simply log-in, browse your sales items, and make a purchase there and then. Another benefit is that you can also enable guest checkout, securing new business wins. The sales orders are then automatically created within inspHire; reducing administrative burdens, allowing you to effortlessly process the order and dispatch the goods.

Hire orders:

Customers may register and place a request to rent/hire equipment and any associated accessories online. If the customer logs in to their authorised trade account, their special rental rates are displayed. When the order has been completed, this immediately creates a rental reservation within inspHire, where you can process the contract to the next stage.

Start your eCommerce journey with WebPro today!

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