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Taking Operated Plant to New Heights

May 20, 2019

Paperless resource management has landed! We’ve been working hard alongside leading professionals in the Operated Plant, Powered Access and Crane industries, and we’re now elated to announce that we’ve updated the inspHire system with a new Operated Plant Module.

Resource-based scheduling and timesheet management have now been digitised from start to finish, allowing for a completely paperless process. So, what’s new and how can it benefit your business?

Enhanced Operator Booking Screen

Say hello to a new graphical resource management screen, which makes assigning operators to equipment, both employees and subcontractors, easier than ever.

Specify the type of contract whether it will be Self Drive, Operated or Shift Hire and the brand-new resource management screen will allow your hire desk staff to allocate a suitably qualified operator to a job using quick drag and drop functionality.

Easily see their next availability, giving you a comprehensive view over your operator’s schedules, which will in turn increase utilisation and reduce unnecessary costs. You can also see the status of future jobs, and view at a glance jobs which have no operator assigned, helping you forward plan effectively.

See the licences, certificates and cards selected operators hold and a notification will tell you if an operator has been assigned to a job they are unqualified for, preventing workers arriving on site and not being able to complete the job. You’ll also have the option to set expiry dates for certificates, prompting them to be renewed accordingly.

Enahncements to operated plant hire management now allow you to directly email the operator’s certificates and qualifications to customers in advance, within the click of a button. This gives you and your customers peace of mind that any individual or team is legally permitted to operate the equipment they have been allocated to, plus they have the skills required to complete the job successfully.

Timesheets on Mobile

It’s away with paper and in with digital! Through the use of inspHire Mobile, you can now say goodbye to those tedious paper-based timesheets. Operators can log their working hours, capture signatures for confirmation and submit completed timesheets for authorisation, all on a mobile device. But wait, there’s more…Operators will even have the ability to request annual leave, giving the hire desk clear visibility of their availability. Enjoy the instantaneous transfer of data between your operators and hire desk staff, improving communication and refining the efficiency of your business.

Timesheet Authorisation

We’ve also updated the way you complete and process timesheets, adding two-step authentication for an improved sign off procedure. It’s a great way to ensure accuracy, providing data for invoicing, billing, payroll, measuring performance and pinpointing time-consuming tasks.

When operators log hours worked on inspHire Mobile they will be prompted to ask the customer for a signature, verifying the time worked. This information will instantly be pushed back to the office for final sign off, automatically calculating billable hours based on employees’ hourly rate. Prior to approval, inspHire will alert you of any missing timesheet entries and amendments can be made at this stage. Once there is authorisation from both the customer and senior management, Accounts can begin the invoice run.

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