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With powerful, extremely advanced features, utilizing Microsoft SQL technology, inspHire Corporate is designed to meet your specific business requirements and completely adapts to make managing complicated processes easy.

Global ERP System Functionality

Delivering a superior level of control, inspHire Corporate offers a full suite of features managing multi-company, multi-lingual and multi-currency operations. This enterprise solution also provides configurable functionality that corporate organizations would expect.

  • A global system with the ability to see equipment from multiple companies within one centralized view
  • Multi-currency functionality will allow purchase, sales, rental and works rates to be quoted in any currency
  • Links to multiple ERP solutions
  • Modify all documentation and system fields depending on country or language
  • Detailed hierarchical approval processes for key areas such as purchasing, credits and discounts
  • Built-in automation for workflow with the Action Configurator Alert Feature
  • REST-based API making integration with third party products simple
  • In-depth user access and settings ensures the system works the way you and your team need it to
  • Supports multiple base countries for global deployment

Rental, Purchase & Sales Order Processing

Dramatically reduce the time it takes to process orders. Deploy features and functionality across your rental business that will help your team manage processes with less effort and will help maximize equipment utilization.

  • Quickly create quotes and seamlessly convert them to rental contracts or sales orders
  • Analyze any lost quotes by reason codes for future reference
  • Generate contracts and put equipment on rent with minimal input, system prompts and accessory offerings mean you won't forget a thing
  • Flexible discount and pricing structures can be set up for product ranges or for specific customers
  • Easily create the documents you need; contracts, rental agreements, picking lists, transport documents, purchase orders, exchange notes, credit notes, invoices and more
  • Powerful, graphical views allow you to easily check equipment availability taking into consideration all future bookings as well as quickly make reservations directly from this screen
  • Multiple charging options allow you to charge using fixed rates, standard rates as well by depot, regional or country specific rates. Meter-based charging is also available
  • Operated equipment and crane rental hourly charging, allows for additional overtime, travel and expense charging, including detailed cost analysis
  • Manage serialized and non-serialized rental and sales stock with full certification tracking
  • Manage kits and packages with ease, enter one system price and auto distribute costs across all kit components for accurate ROI and utilization reports
inspHire CRM

inspHire CRM

Better understand the current and future needs of customers building effective, long lasting and profitable relationships. inspHire CRM is complete with features, specifically designed for rental businesses, helping you stay connected to customers, streamline processes and improve profitability.

Learn more about inspHire CRM

Planning & Scheduling

Ensure your team are in the right place at the right time, with all the necessary documents needed. inspHire Corporate Edition provides a range of flexible features helping you improve the cost and efficiency of your logistics management and movement of your workforce and equipment.

  • Manage all logistical activities including third party transportation
  • Easily allocate deliveries, pick-ups and location transfers onto vehicles using drag and drop functionality within our Transport Booking screen while considering weight limitations
  • Color-coordinated tiles allow you to see different types and statuses of jobs enabling you to constantly keep your team and customers informed
  • Assign a task, such as a delivery to a single vehicle or split it across multiple vehicles
  • Easily create all required documentation for customer sign off. Seamless integration with inspHire Mobile eliminates paper and allows real-time updates
  • Manage logistics from one centralized location or spread responsibility across multiple depots
  • Dynamically allocate qualified team members to breakdown and workshop jobs via the dedicated Fitter Booking Planner

Service, Maintenance & Repair

Minimize breakdowns, maximize efficiency and keep your equipment running to the max. Fully integrated Workshop functionality helps you manage the service, preventative maintenance and minor or major repairs of your equipment as well as customer-owned equipment.

  • Simply book items in and out of service or repair as well as test equipment, ensuring it’s safe and ready for rent at all times
  • Create breakdown works jobs quickly to ensure engineers visit a site as soon as possible
  • Allocate parts and labor to jobs as well as analyze costs and income on each job, down to the individual parts used or employee hours
  • Create checklists to ensure jobs are completed to regulation standards
  • Build a historical archive of works jobs, providing an overview of equipment performance
  • Damage codes allow analysis of types of damage to assist with business decisions
  • Raise purchase orders to suppliers directly from a job
  • Automatically create letters to inform customers of the loss or damage with embedded photographic evidence
  • Track profit and loss on repairs with built in costing functionality
  • Charge a client for internal repairs, including timesheet entry for engineers

inspHire Mobile

Implement paperless operations and enable employees to stay connected when they are out of the office or working in the field. Efficiency is key and giving your staff the tools to access tasks on the go will increase productivity, reduce admin, maximize utilization and improve customer service giving your business the edge.

Learn more about inspHire Mobile
inspHire Mobile

Flexible Accounting & Finance

Supporting your accounting department through flexible integration with hundreds of accounting packages and ERP systems. inspHire Corporate Edition offers a fast and reliable solution that will improve the bottom line, reduce admin and cut manual data entry.

  • Read customer account information live from your accounting package
  • Flexible invoicing process for managing complex business processes
  • Manage payments in and out of your business
  • Produce thousands of invoices in minutes and push them directly into your sales, purchase and general ledgers
  • Email professional, customizable invoices to customers on a mass scale
  • Consolidate invoices at site and customer levels
  • Create purchase orders for new equipment, third party transportation and sub-rentals
  • Simply generate your monthly depreciation figures by setting the depreciation percentage against the item, select the general ledger code to post to and simply run your month end routine once a month
  • Authorize purchase orders on the move using inspHire iX
  • Manage cash rentals with ease, process refunds, deposits and payments as well as miscellaneous transaction
  • Access aged debt information (solution specific)

Customizable Reports

Extensive business intelligence dashboards and comprehensive, customizable reports give you the tools needed to gain a clear understanding of how your business, operations and equipment is performing helping you make informed business decisions.

  • Rich reporting suite as standard, from financial, operational to business critical
  • Produce your own custom reports using SAP Crystal Reports
  • Email reports to internal staff or customers automatically with the built in report scheduler
  • Create live rental reports showing what’s out where, revenue by product group and more
  • Instantly see the utilization and ROI of your rental equipment with the powerful utilization and asset analysis reports
  • Reminders and exception reports give you the ability to change things fast

Other popular features that can further improve your business processes.


Serve your customers 24 hours a day with minimal effort. Remove data input from rental desk staff and put customers in control by allowing them to; access current and historical contracts, extend or end rental periods, build new contracts, access all other key documents as well as easily see what equipment you have on rent and contracts due to end.

AP Automation

An integrated product suite to automate vendor invoice processing, eliminating manual input, improving efficiency, and saving time and cost with seamless integration with Documation, specialists in accounts payable (AP) automation.

Electronic Invoicing (EDI)

Implement a prompt invoicing procedure; send invoices in bulk or set recurring invoicing. Integration with Tradex allows you to do business electronically; remove labor-intensive data entry, save manual intervention, human error and create a log of information.

Document Storage

Scan to PDF allows you to scan documents either in bulk or individually and attach them to equipment or contracts. Easily access stored documents, send business documents to multiple locations at the click of a button and re-print or email copy documents to customers.

Smart View Reminders

Set auto task reminders on rental contracts, sales orders, purchase orders, workshop jobs, services and inspections so that you can immediately see the information relevant to you in a customizable dashboard, helping improve efficiency and customer service.

Business Intelligence Dashboards

React immediately and make important business decisions with real-time information presented in an easy to digest format, showing you how you are doing today, how you did yesterday, last week or last year.

Email Marketing Integration

Innovative integration with Mailchimp allows you to: segment data to send personalized email marketing campaigns, analyze performance and create follow-up activities to ensure you are communicating with the right people at the right time.

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