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inspHire Office Edition is ideal for businesses of all sizes with single or multiple branches, full of powerful, flexible features that make running your entire rent business simple.

Rental & Sales Order Processing

In a busy rental company, efficiency is key to manage your entire rental business from start to finish. inspHire Office Edition provides a multitude of tools to help you and your team operate with less effort, giving you the power to do everything you need to and more.

  • Create quotes in seconds and seamlessly convert them to contracts
  • Instantly see what's available with real time equipment availability
  • Produce all the key rental documentation needed
  • Manage sub-rentals, exchanges, suspensions and lost or damaged equipment
  • Take over-the-counter quick cash sales and raise sales quotes and orders
  • Full stock management functionality including parts and consumables with stock movement and audit trail
  • Monitor minimum and maximum stock levels
  • Advanced search functionality makes finding contracts super easy; search by contract number, sales person, account code, date or status and much more

Logistics Planning & Management

Effortlessly plan the movement of your equipment and organize vehicle runs making sure drivers are always in the right place at the right time, with all the critical documents needed.

  • Manage deliveries, pick-ups, branch transfers and third party transportation
  • Easily drag and drop daily tasks onto vehicles and drivers to arrange your route
  • All equipment weights are taken into consideration to ensure vehicles are not overloaded
  • Simply produce all required paperwork including test certificates, delivery and pick-up tickets as well as a journey summary for each driver
  • Weekly deliveries and pick-up views show an overall summary of all transportation movement to help users better manage workload
  • Work paperless if needed with direct integration into inspHire Mobile
inspHire CRM

inspHire CRM

Getting to know your customers, understanding their needs and building effective, long lasting and profitable relationships is critical in today's competitive marketplace. inspHire CRM is a comprehensive, yet easy to use system, specifically designed for the rental industry to help you build better customer relationships.

Learn more about inspHire CRM

Brand New Asset Tracker

Magnifying the location of equipment, Google Maps integration makes it even easier to track and manage where your fleet is. Take it one step further by centralizing telematics data in inspHire through seamless integration with Trackunit, JCB LiveLink and CanTrack.

  • Visualize the current location and status of equipment with in-built Google Maps.
  • Define a radius for each depot to optimize equipment utilization, depot transfers and the sub-rental of assets
  • Drill down into items to see specific information, off-rent equipment or extend rental contracts
  • Filter by depot, sub-group, product group and rental contract status to refine the map view and gain better visibility
  • Quickly pinpoint the exact location of equipment on a map using search functionality
  • Integrate with your telematics systems for live GPS tracking, key equipment inputs, hours of operation and meter readings

Service, Maintenance & Repair

Managing the service, maintenance and repair of your equipment can be challenging. With fully integrated Workshop functionality, inspHire Office Edition allows users to simply book items in and out of service and repair as well as test equipment, ensuring it’s safe and ready for rent at all times.

  • Allocate parts and labor to jobs
  • Carry out minor or major repairs and services for your own equipment as well as customer owned equipment
  • Create breakdown jobs quickly to ensure engineers visit a site as soon as possible
  • Create checklists to ensure jobs are completed to regulation standards
  • Have a historical archive of workshop jobs available, giving you a clear picture as to how your equipment is performing but also which of your customers cause the most repairs
  • Raise purchase orders to suppliers directly from a job
  • Analyze costs and income on each job down to the individual parts used or employee hours
  • Track profit and loss on repairs with built in costing functionality

inspHire Mobile

Get things done on the go and access rental information wherever and whenever you need it. inspHire Mobile gives your team the tools to be more connected, cut down on paper and become better at what they do.

Learn more about inspHire Mobile
inspHire Mobile

Complete Control & Visibility

Control the entire rental process and effortlessly manage equipment, contracts and workshop jobs. inspHire Office Edition gives you total visibility and transparency of your equipment so you can see exactly what you need to.

  • See a detailed overview of equipment availability for now and in the future including availability in other branches
  • See the total quantity of equipment, where your equipment is and when it will be returned allowing you plan ahead and maximize utilization
  • Forward planning functionality gives you total rental control
  • Browse equipment categories and search for items
  • Easily manage multi-layered kits
  • Instantly see the status of equipment
  • Drill down into any information about the rental equipment such as where it has been and the history of service and repair
  • Attach files such as spec sheets, brochures, test certificates and much more
  • Book equipment into service or repair, see all related contracts, purchase orders, workshop jobs and accessories

Accounting & Finance

Seamless integration with hundreds of accounting packages and ERP systems, offers a fast and reliable solution that can improve the cash flow process. inspHire Office Edition reduces the administrative burden of manually entering transactions into your accounting or ERP solution.

  • Accurately produce thousands of rental and sales invoices in minutes
  • Email invoices to customers on a mass scale
  • Create purchase orders for new equipment, stock, third party transport and sub-rentals
  • Read customer account information live from your accounting package
  • Push invoices directly into your sales, purchase and general ledgers
  • Full fixed asset register functionality available
  • Simply generate your monthly depreciation figures by setting the monthly depreciation percentage against the item, select the general code to post to and simply run your month end routine once a month
  • Store your own database of cash customers and capture detailed data including ID information, transaction history, web-cam pictures and file attachments
  • Track cash register activity, run your end of day routine and calculate deposits, payments and refunds
  • See a detailed breakdown of the status of an account including aged debt and outstanding invoices (select accounting packages only)

Dashboards & Reports

Powerful performance tracking makes complex analysis simple. Real-time data and key business information displayed in an easy to digest format, lets you see at a glance how your business is performing on a weekly, monthly or annual basis. Run reports whenever you need to and customize them to show the information you need to make important business decisions.

  • Numerous reports as standard, from financial, operational to business critical
  • Automatically email reports internally or to customers with built in reports scheduler
  • Create live rental reports showing what’s out where, revenue by product group and more
  • Instantly see the utilization and ROI of your rental equipment with the powerful asset analysis report
  • Gain an in-depth insight into every area of your business
  • Reminders and exception reports give you the ability to change things fast
  • Built in web-based dashboards give you access to key information wherever and whenever you it

Other popular features that can further improve your business processes

Web Portal

Giving your customers access to their rental information 24/7; access current and historical contracts, build, extend or end contracts, access key documents as well as see what they have on rent and contracts due to end, putting your customers in control and encouraging brand loyalty.

Quick Invoicing

Speed up your invoicing procedure; send invoices in bulk or set recurring invoicing. Integration with Tradex allows you to trade electronically; remove labor-intensive data entry, save manual intervention, human error and create a log of information.

Document Storage

Scan to PDF allows you to scan documents either in bulk or individually and attach them to equipment or contracts. Easily access stored documents, send business documents to multiple locations at the click of a button and re-print or email copy documents to customers.

Smart View Reminders

Never miss a thing. Set auto task reminders on rental contracts, sales orders, purchase orders, workshop jobs, services and inspections so that you can instantly see the information relevant to you, helping improve efficiency and customer service.

Operated Equipment & Timesheets

Add operators to equipment, check qualifications and expiration dates; as well as manage timesheets and vehicle operated checklists, ensuring work is carried out in a safe and efficient manner.

Route Planning Functionality

Plan, manage and optimize service runs quickly and easily. With integrated web-based mapping, inspHire gives you the tools to set recurring or one-off site visits, flag equipment due for servicing and calculate travel times.

Email Marketing Integration

Enhance customer relationships and make the most of every customer interaction; build highly targeted email lists, send personalized email marketing campaigns with data from inspHire CRM and use reporting to understand each campaigns performance.

PAT Testing

Seamlessly read and store PAT test results in inspHire with SimplyPats, ensuring your equipment is legally compliant at all times; flag tests due or overdue, create certificates for related equipment, log a record of all tests and track the history of PAT tested equipment.

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