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Chris Beeston

Towards the end of my A-levels in 2015, I decided that going to university wasn't the route for me, however, I wasn't sure how I wanted to start my career. I figured that my best option was to do additional work experience to see which sector of work suited me best. After completing a placement in both Graphic Design and Marketing, I discovered that marketing suited me very well. Despite deciding not to attend University, I still wanted to further my education and skills before entering full time work which is why the Digital Marketing Apprenticeship scheme was the perfect option for me.

Chris Beeston talks about his experience about working at inspHire

Chris's Story

When I heard about inspHire I was immediately taken in by the idea of working for an established, reputable business that was operating on a global scale. I was delighted to secure an interview and knew from the moment I walked into the building that it would be a great place to work. During my interview, I was told about what the apprenticeship would entail, it seemed to fit perfectly with the knowledge I had previously acquired. From day one I was fully excepted into the business. inspHire provided me with departmental overviews with each of the heads of department so I had a full understanding of how the business operated.

My development in the marketing role has been greatly aided, in the fact, I’ve been given challenging and interesting tasks that carry much responsibility. During these assignments, I’m thankful to have been given the time to re-familiarise myself with creative tools such as Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator which are essential for creating professional work pieces. If I’ve ever needed assistance with a task, there’s always been someone to provide guidance, and questions are always welcomed.

There’s also a great sense of progression, everything I learn as part of my apprenticeship is applicable to the work I’m doing in my role. It is clear to me that inspHire invests in their employees with an aim to develop their skills so they can progress to higher roles. Apprenticeship schemes such as this have allowed individuals like myself to find their footing and enter the world of work with the necessary experience.

For anyone looking to further their learning in hard working environment surrounded by driven employees, inspHire is most certainly the place for you!

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