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Leigh Widdowson

I was attracted to the apprenticeship scheme at inspHire because of the ability to be able to work and gain experience as well as learning and gaining knowledge in the industry. For me, the Apprenticeship Scheme comprised of spending a week at inspHire working and doing everything everybody else was doing, then the following week I would spend at college learning specific skills and growing my ability to become better at my job.

Leigh Widdowson talks about his experience about working at inspHire

Leigh's Story

The thing I enjoy most about working at inspHire is how global the business is and at any moment you can go from talking to someone down the road to across the other side of the world. 

inspHire has helped me grow as a person and kick-start my career. I started here as an Apprentice and since then I have moved up in the business working with new products from the very beginning, which gives me the chance to see how a business works in real life. This has since given me the ability to work with many different industries and learn how our customers work in their own environment.

Since starting at inspHire I have learnt a lot about the IT industry, working with computers on a daily basis as well as learning about other industries from Construction to Broadcast.

inspHire has allowed me to progress within the company, starting on Helpdesk I have since moved to a new product and had several promotions. The scope for progression at inspHire is vast and there are many different directions your career can take.

My long-term career goals at inspHire are to be able to continue to progress through the business, helping the company move forward in what we are trying to achieve. I hope to have new and exciting challenges come my way.

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