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Harrison Levesley

The main thing that attracted me to the Apprentice scheme was the idea of getting a foothold into the IT industry so I could further my career in IT.  You also get to learn and use transferrable skills and techniques which companies value very highly and will stand me in good stead for the future. I had heard really good things about inspHire from people who had previously worked there and the fact that the Company is continuing to do really well.

Harrison Levesley talks about his experience about working at inspHire

Harrison's Story

Getting to know the software and how it works was the first thing I had to do. This involved training on the software and shadowing the Support Analysts to understand how to deal with the customers. Once I was confident enough with the software I could answer customer queries myself and when you fix an issue for someone who is grateful it can be very fulfilling.

I would say that it’s the people who I get to work with at inspHire, that I really enjoy, It’s a great team. I’ve made some great friends over the past two years and will continue to make more.

I came to inspHire with no prior experience, and I have managed to excel my own expectations. I have been learning Crystal Reports, SQL as well as application knowledge all while studying for my apprenticeship qualification. I feel this was recognised by the directors when they asked me to move to join the Implementation Team to fill a new role in that department.

My job is all about helping new customers who are implementing their new inspHire system. The main thing I have learned at inspHire is how to deal with these customers in a calm and professional manner and what to say and what not to say. It’s definitely a skill that is really important not only within my job role but also a valuable life skill.

Since starting in June 2015, I quickly progressed through the company making my way into the into the Implementation Team performing new installations as well as server moves in early December. After I had completed my Year Apprenticeship I was put onto a permanent contract in the Implementation and Project Management department.

I would love to continue working at inspHire for a long time mainly due to the people I get to work with every day but also because I enjoy the work I do. There are many opportunities at inspHire and as I gain more experience I should be in a good position to apply for more senior roles.

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