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Andy Lee


I was attracted to the Graduate Scheme at inspHire because it gave me the opportunity to nurture and develop my technical and interpersonal skills, such as SQL development and communication. inspHire’s internal university, which is held by an experienced member of the team, has also given me chance to quickly gain the knowledge needed to support the products. The Graduate Scheme gives me exposure to each of the department and is a flexible path helping me achieve my own career goals.

Andy Lee talks about his experience about working at inspHire

Andy's Story

At the moment, I currently work as part of the Office Support team. This is so I can fully understand the product before moving to the inspHire’s Corporate team and from there, I will hopefully have enough knowledge to progress and succeed within the development team.

I enjoy everything I do, the different day-to-day task I take on and the satisfaction I get when have fixed a customer problem. Personally, I feel it is important that I enjoy who and where I work and I like the people I work with and the general vibe the environment gives me.

inspHire has definitely improved the way I think and my ability to problem solve. I consider things logically, this has helped me deal with high pressure situations well.

From a technical point of view, inspHire has taught me vital skills in Crystal Report writing and with this, has opened possible future opportunities. I have also dealt with installations of inspHire and on servers and, therefore, my knowledge of servers has vastly improved.

When I have an in-depth understanding of both inspHire Office and Corporate, I would love to develop the software. That is the goal.

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