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Graduate Stories

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Ryan Howells

Graduate - Software Developer

After three years at Nottingham Trent University studying Computing, I knew that I wanted to begin my career within a forward thinking software company. When I became aware of the inspHire Graduate Scheme and what it entailed, I knew it was the job for me.

Ryan Howells talks about his experience about working at inspHire

Ryan's Story

I have been given the opportunity to experience all areas of the business, expanding my knowledge and honing my skills. Being exposed to a variety of departments has allowed me to build my confidence and improve in areas such as communication, organisation and project management. These are not just skills applicable to my current role but are transferable and will stand me in good stead for the future.

As I’ve moved through each department I have been set projects to complete, which have helped me settle in to the company incredibly well as the majority of them require collaboration and input from colleagues. It’s not just the projects that have aided my settling in, the people here are all warm, welcoming and friendly, I felt at home straight away.

The freedom that the Graduate Scheme gives me is incredible, I am in control of my own career and inspHire do everything they can to help my growth and allow me to choose which path I want to take. At the moment I’m unsure of which area of the business I would like to work in, but that’s not an issue. Come the end of the Graduate Scheme, the management will work with me to decide which area of the business I am most suited to and where I will have the most impact. inspHire will support this decision and facilitate my integration into that department.

inspHire is providing me with the perfect foundations to starting my career, I can see myself meeting and hopefully exceeding my ambitions and I know I can do that here at inspHire.

All graduates should consider inspHire, there’s so many positives to working here, the great salary and benefits are just a bonus!

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