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Robert Tripp


I did my degree in Information Technology, which covered a wide range of subjects, including web development, application development, networking and business analysis, I also learnt technical skills such as SQL and Java

Robert Tripp talks about his experience about working at inspHire

Robert's Story

I saw the position on FutureHub, the site was recommended by the university and had lots of post graduate vacancies available. I knew that a position like this would be a great opportunity for me because they are designed to get the most out of you and help you progress through the company. I was drawn to the inspHire role because I get the opportunity to spend time in each of the departments within the company, so I get a taste for what each department does, this is good experience and helps me decide what I would like to do in the future. It also gives me a chance to develop what I already know and add to the skills that I learnt at university.

The graduate scheme lasts for 2 years, the first placement period is on the helpdesk where I gained an understanding of the software and got to know the customers. I am ready now to move to Implementation Support helping customers through their initial implementation of the software, ensuring they get the best customer service. I then move onto Project Management, Development and then to Product Testing. The scheme helps me develop new skills and at the end, I will sit down with my manager, and together we will decide where I am best suited based on my skills, interests and what I have learned so far. I’m looking forward to the opportunities ahead and am excited to see what each department has to offer.

The inspHire Team are great and are all a pleasure to work with. I receive the peer support I need, and have all the resources necessary to do my job well and have been given opportunities to develop my skills and grow. I recently got to work with one of inspHire’s biggest corporate customer’s, which was a huge responsibility, and a big challenge but I handled it well and learnt a lot from the experience, it also gave increased my confidence when dealing with other customers.

I would like a role in development. I have always enjoyed coding so it seems like the most natural progression. I am interested in new technology and it would be great to be able to work on incorporating this into inspHire, pushing the product so it stays as the leading software on the market and ahead of the competition. I look forward to my career progression with inspHire and am excited about the opportunities ahead of me.

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