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Graduate Stories

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Jack Ryder

Marketing Graduate

“Before joining inspHire I studied Marketing and Advertising Management at the University of Derby and graduated in July 2016. During my job search, around April time I came across inspHire. Originally I applied for a different position within the business but during the interview process I was made aware of the graduate programme and decided it was an opportunity I couldn't pass up.”

Jack Ryder talks about his experience about working at inspHire

Jack's Story

As soon as I walked into the building for my first interview, I knew this was the place I wanted to start my career. The atmosphere, the culture, the people, everything just seemed right. Although I had no experience in IT or Software Development that didn’t stop inspHire offering me a place on the graduate programme. If they see potential in you and think you can bring something extra to the business, they will not let you walk away. Their confidence in me is what particularly drew me to the graduate position here at inspHire but, the package of a good salary and healthy annual leave allowance contributed also…

My graduate programme means I spend all my time in the marketing department. I was given responsibility from day one, undertaking many large projects. This was the perfect situation for me because I feel that I learn most this way. I am able to contribute greatly towards our marketing activities and I feel that my ideas are welcomed and listened to at every level of the business. Having so much responsibility and freedom so early in my career is something I particularly enjoy. As I mentioned before, It’s the people that make inspHire a great place to work. A relaxed and welcoming atmosphere but a team full of people driven to succeed, it’s the perfect environment to step into the world of work.

I feel that I am able to build my career and grow here at inspHire. Although, I don’t see myself in any area of the business other than marketing, as that’s why my passion lies, I am not restricted and there is still a path for me to progress. When I’ve finished the graduate scheme I would like to progress through the marketing department to Marketing Executive and if the company continues to grow, a managerial position at a later date.

inspHire invest in your development, providing the perfect balance between training, support and responsibility meaning you’re always learning something new and feel like your progressing every day. I find my job incredibly enjoyable and rewarding which is why I feel it’s providing the perfect foundations for my career. I would definitely recommend inspHire to any recent graduates!

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