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Jonathan Wan


I did my degree in Information and Communications Technology at Nottingham Trent University. The course covered a range of subjects which helped me to develop the skills I'm now using on a day to day basis. This included subjects such as Business Analysis and Application Development, which bolstered my Project Planning and SQL knowledge.

Jonathan Wan talks about his experience about working at inspHire

Jonathan's Story

I spoke with Robert Tripp at one of the NTU Graduate Job Fairs. Robert was, at the time, on the graduate scheme at inspHire. He explained that the company was a great company to work for and they had helped him to develop his skills further after leaving university. Also, the opportunity to work in different departments within the company was one of the factors as to why I wanted to join the company. Doing a graduate scheme straight after university was extremely useful as it gave me the chance to develop the skills I had already learnt at university, as well as learn new business skills.

The graduate scheme allows you to go into different departments throughout the year so you can gain an understanding of how the company works as well as learn the product in much more detail. When I started my scheme, the first team I joined was the helpdesk team. This was where I learnt about the inspHire products and helped customers with any technical queries they had. This helped with increasing my skills of problem solving and build on my customer communication. After half a year, I moved onto the implementation team. This is where new customers are helped through the initial phase of implementing the software. This comprises of completing installations on customer servers and configuring them so they are set up correctly to use the software. Within this team I gained experience of planning, verbal communication and further expand my knowledge on Crystal and SQL writing.

The best thing about working for inspHire is the team and people I work with. They have always been supportive and allowed me to progress and develop my skills further. inspHire has given me a platform to expand my knowledge in many different areas, and has given me the responsibility to work on large projects for industrial companies. Giving me this opportunity will help me progress and the more knowledge I keep gaining, the more enjoyable it will be.

My long-term career goal at inspHire is to still be part of the implementation team. The company is growing rapidly which means that hopefully in the years to come, further opportunities will arise and I can continue to support and help companies continue to grow.

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